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Sulphated Products
Sulphated oils and esters are biodegradable anionic surfactants derived from natural oils and fatty esters.  The sulphation process produces a mix of sulphated oil, free oil and alkali soaps, present in varying ratios depending on the conditions of preparation.  In general these products are used as dispersants, emulsifiers, lubricant additives and low foam wetting agents.
Recommended Uses
Cleaners, polishes and disinfectants:
Sulphated castor oil
acts as an emulsifier and stabiliser for oils and as a mild detergent also used in gelled hand cleaners.

Emulsion polymerisation:
Sulphated butyl oleate is recommended in the manufacture of polyvinyl acetate and styrene based emulsion polymers.

Metalworking lubricants:
As emulsifiers with lubricant properties for soluble cutting oils and wire drawing compounds.

Leather industry:
Bases for fat liquor formulations, sulphited fish oil has good stability in tanning baths. Sulphated castor is recommended as a penetrating aid and dispersing agent for pigment finishes.

Oil and petroleum industry:
Breaking emulsions, converting water in oil to oil in water emulsion. Biodegradable lubricants and emulsifiers.

Paints, coatings and adhesives:
As emulsifiers and pigment wetting agents and dispersants. Antifoams for protein and starch based glues.

Textile processing:
Recommended for raw wool scouring in the presence of inorganics. Cotton scouring in alkali solutions. Low foam wetting, levelling and dispersing in dyeing operations, bleaching of cotton. Emulsifiers for lubricant oils. Sulphated butyl oleate is recommended as a low foam wetting agent in mercerising. Sulphated castor imparts a soft feel to textiles.

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